Imposter Syndrome

Getting Past Fraud to Fabulous

Have you ever achieved something that others would definitively view as a success but despite the outward appearance of your achievement there is a voice in your head that says you don"t deserve that success? That somehow your success is more about luck, timing, or fooling others than it is about your own skill set, intellect, and competence? Do you secretly fear that perhaps others will “find out" that you didn"t really earn the success and eventually expose you for the fraud you are?

There is a label for that! It"s called Imposter Syndrome and it"s a psychological phenomenon that reflects a misguided belief that you are inadequate even though there is hard evidence to show that you are skilled and that your success is a result of your competence and hard work.

In this session we will unpack the psychology of Imposter Syndrome from different angles and participants will leave with skills and ideas that will help them get past fraud to fabulous!