Emotional Intelligence Training Programs

Developing Emotional Intelligence
What's EQ Got to Do with It:
Using Emotional Intelligence to Maximize Everything

Emotional Intelligence in Action

Strategies for Using EQ in the Real World

Applied Emotional Intelligence

Multiple Intelligences, Midsets, and Effective Leadership

Overview of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is a powerful tool that can positively impact how you engage and respond to the world around you.  Developing your Emotional Intelligence can help you become more resilient, improve your personal and professional relationships, increase your productivity, help you communicate more effectively, and give you better outcomes for mental and physical health. 

Many times people hear the term “emotional intelligence" (often abbreviated as EQ for “emotional quotient") and are not sure exactly what it means or how they are supposed to use it.  In these fun and engaging programs, we explore the foundations of EQ, strategies to easily apply the concepts of EQ, and practical tools that participants can use to implement EQ immediately in their personal and professional lives.

The principles behind EQ are so far-reaching because they attempt to help us not only understand human behavior, but also help us recognize our human potential.  Participants leave these sessions feeling inspired about what is possible for themselves through understanding and developing their EQ!

Kari Knutson, MA, is known as the “EQ Maven" among her clientele because of her extensive knowledge, wisdom, and ability to help individuals understand the important and practical nature of EQ.  She offers three emotional intelligence training programs. These programs are her most popular offerings and help participants identify, cultivate, and apply the five main factors of emotional intelligence in their everyday lives.

Takeaways from the EQ classes include:

  • Understanding the 5 components of EQ and how they can contribute to an employee"s personal and professional success
  • Self-awareness strategies
  • Learning how to flex the muscle of decisiveness
  • Accessing tools for self-regulation that do not involve hours in silence,
    lighting candles, or sitting cross-legged on a mountain top
  • Jump-starting internal motivation
  • Strategies to keep self-criticism and imposter syndrome at bay
  • Motivation to actualize one"s potential
  • Engaging with others in truly meaningful and satisfying ways
  • Increasing one"s ability to understand and process emotions
  • Improving interactions with clients/customers, co-workers/peers, and friends/family
  • Learning about tools and techniques to help employees build resiliency and show up BIG!

Developing Emotional Intelligence

What"s EQ Got to Do With It? Using Emotional Intelligence to Maximize Everything

The term “emotional intelligence" (often abbreviated as EQ for “emotional quotient") is part of our popular culture. It"s the rare person who hasn"t heard the term and even thrown it around in casual conversation. But do you really know what it means and how to use it?

Emotional Intelligence isn"t one thing; it"s a culmination of ideas.  EQ means cultivating the ability to: perceive, evaluate, manage and control emotions, cope with life"s inevitable ups and downs, read and appropriately respond to the social cues of others, delay gratification, and control impulses. That is a tall order and also a very powerful concept!
This presentation explains exactly what EQ is in an easy-to-remember format with ready-to-go takeaways that participants can start using immediately. It will show them how EQ can go from being a buzzword to something tangible that can have a huge impact on their personal and professional success and on your organization"s bottom line.


Emotional Intelligence in Action

Strategies for Using EQ in the Real World

Once participants have completed EQ 1 and have learned the main concepts of EQ (self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and relationship skills), they are ready to dive deeper.  In EQ 2 participants will learn strategies for developing their emotional intelligence and how to apply it to their lives in authentic ways.

This session will cover numerous strategies for developing EQ that are easy to understand and that can be quickly integrated into daily life.  

Understanding and strengthening your EQ can help you authentically share your gifts with the world, have more meaningful relationships, and live your life in a more purposeful, and conscious way.  This presentation will give you the strategies to put EQ into action!


Applied Emotional Intelligence

Multiple Intelligences, Mindsets, and Effective Leadership

EQ level 3 is all about taking the next steps to understand how participants can use Emotional Intelligence to share their gifts with the world to truly make an impact.  

This interactive and personalized session will bring all the ideas and theories from the first two EQ sessions together.  It will show participants how EQ can be actualized to help them express their best selves.  They will learn how cultivating their own special gifts and unique skill sets and then acting on them can have a tremendous impact on their personal and professional success in life.  

This session utilizes hands-on exercises related to multiple intelligences, mindset, and leadership theories to help participants not only process the ideas behind EQ but also to personalize them. It is meant not as an ending, but a springboard to what is possible when they know what EQ is, understand how to cultivate it, and become ready to share it in a big way!