Dealing With Difficult People

The Psychology Behind Success

Dealing with difficult people is something that most of us face at one point or another. An interaction with a co-worker, supervisor, or customer just isn"t going as smoothly as it could be, someone in our circle of family or friends is making things difficult, we find it hard to communicate effectively or keep our emotions in check, we become frustrated or outright angry. Sometimes it"s a one-time conversation; other situations evolve into a pattern of dysfunctional behaviors and communication that seems next to impossible to break out of.

This practical, hands-on session addresses the dynamics that come into play when personal or professional interactions are difficult. It will focus on how to manage a variety of difficult relationships, mitigate conflict, and intentionally create work cultures where people can be successful.

Participants will be able to identify and describe the seven types of difficult people, demonstrate ways to mitigate and reduce conflict, give examples of how to create a supportive work culture, and compare different techniques to improve communication. Participants will also leave with tips and strategies to reduce conflict and build stronger, more effective relationships.