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"I saw Kari present at a conference and thought, “I need to learn from her!"  Her presentation style is engaging, funny, and insightful.  She's not only brilliant, but she also really knows how to connect with an audience and present information in a way that is meaningful and digestible. I knew I wanted my own presentations to be more like hers, but I wasn"t sure how to get them there on my own.  I approached her after the presentation and was so excited to find out that she coaches people in this very area!  I"m so thankful that I had the opportunity to work with her.  

Kari has such a unique and creative way of approaching presentation development and she was really effective in coaching me in this style, helping me take my existing trainings to the next level.  She helped me think through and be strategic about all parts of my presentations- from the content, to the flow of information, to making the visuals more thoughtful and engaging. 

Since working with Kari, I"m getting great feedback on the trainings and workshops I facilitate.  Using her insight and presentation style, I"m making more connections and getting more presentation requests than ever!

Now that I"ve worked with Kari and learned her theories around developing powerful presentations, I feel confident that I can keep applying these principles to new trainings that I create in the future. It really was a great professional investment for me.  

And on top of all of that, Kari is such a delight to work with!  She is so approachable and encouraging and has a great energy about her.  It"s so fun to work with someone who has so much knowledge and also has such a great sense of humor.  I really can"t thank her enough!

If you're wanting to learn how to be a better presenter and/or improve your existing presentations, I highly recommend working with Kari."

Cassie Drochelman
Outreach Advocate, The Family Tree


"Working with Kari was a transformative experience! Her coaching style gave me the structure I needed to develop my ideas into full-fledge talks, and her endless encouragement gave me the confidence to deliver. Kari believed in me and my ability to "take the stage" at a time when I was fraught with nervous doubts about public speaking. She made our time together enjoyable and productive. I simply cannot wait to work with her again!"  

Rachel E. Lubchansky,
Founder and CEO of REL Impact and Sheer Impact Women's Conference



Kari Knutson is an incredible speaker and consultant.  I have been present for many of her speaking engagements, and always walk away with a smile on my face and a much more lightened attitude towards life.  Kari understands her audience, and does a great job relating to them.  She approaches her talks from a real-world position which immediately places the listener at ease.  I"ve also hired Kari for presentation coaching, and she does a wonderful job!  She approached the engagement by asking me to describe what I do, what makes me passionate about my role as a CFO in a law firm, and how I feel I can best influence others to do what needs to be done to maximize the firm"s position.  After a couple one-hour sessions with her, the presentation really came to life thanks to her coaching, and suggestions for how to approach the visuals for the presentation.  In one word, Kari is AMAZING! 

Carrie Knudsen, Chief Financial Officer 
Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck


When posed with the question, "˜What"s it like to work with Kari Knutson?" one"s brain goes into hyper drive. One thing I know that is true: Kari"s enthusiasm and passion to move folks to their true potential is a gift to behold. Her infectious spark of anything is possible laced with some true grit reality strikes the perfect balance for collaboration. I have had the absolute joy of working with Kari on multiple projects.  The unstifled creative flow which ensues fills us both with a renewed excitement to help others not just be but to become.  This energy is sustained through the planning, launching, and completion of each and every scheme and dream we have shared.  

Monica Strass 
Director of Educational Innovation 
Crown Pointe Academy 


Working with Kari has been transformative for me personally and professionally. Her thoughtful questions encouraged me to think critically about my beliefs and behaviors, and her insight into my patterns helped illuminate opportunities for growth and change. Kari used that knowledge to challenge me to address things I could change and let go of those that I couldn't. Her encouragement was a catalyst for me to not only make significant changes in my life, but to believe more strongly in myself. Her talent and passion for working with people in this way is unparalleled. 

Erica Oakley-Courage 
Grants Manager, El Pomar Foundation 


Kari and I connected after a seminar she led on the teen brain. I loved her presentation and approached her afterward, seeking collaboration on a project I was working on. Kari signed on as a consultant, and the rest is history. We created interactive, engaging social entrepreneurship curriculum for teens, and Kari joined each of our program"s sessions. Though it was not in her contract, Kari went above and beyond and meaningfully connected with each of our participants. She greatly enhanced their experience in our program, and made my work as a solo employee a breeze. 

While I was working with Kari, my direct supervisor lived across the country. Kari quickly became my right-hand woman, and caring mentor. She noticed my strengths and weaknesses, and provided feedback and affirmation my supervisor was unable to give because of distance. Her coaching was thoughtful and effective. She always reminded me of my growth and helped me keep things in perspective when I felt overwhelmed. She coached me through my weaknesses, and was an incredible thought partner as I navigated challenges. 

Kari has remained a friend and mentor to me as my career has grown and changed. I feel Kari is sincerely invested in my success and well-being. She is a light in so many people"s lives and I feel privileged to have had the chance to work with her. 

Sarah Cohen 
Director, UpStart Lab's Colorado Programs


I asked Kari for "just a little bit of help" preparing for a TED-style speech. What she gave me instead was nothing less than transformative, not just for this talk but for my life. Not only did she help me recraft my speech for greater effect, she helped me think differently about mindset and performance. I went into the event excited but confident because of Kari. As a result, my presentation went over like gangbusters! I'm now ready to give it again wherever it will do the most good. Furthermore, I feel like I can now tackle any kind of presentation, especially with Kari by my side if need be. I've given many workshops and presentations before, but never with this kind of impact and joy. 

Elaine Appleton Grant
Journalist and Cofounder, Podcast Allies

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