Speaking For Impact

Elevate Your Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

Cultivating and polishing your public speaking skills can help you improve your confidence, enhance your reputation or the message of your organization, and create opportunities to connect with more people.

Whether you are running a meeting, speaking at a conference, accepting an award, teaching a class, or offering a toast at a wedding, strong public speaking skills are vital to your success.

In this session participants will learn more about how to overcome fears and anxieties related to public speaking, how to enhance their content so that it is more accessible, interesting, and dynamic, tips to improve audience engagement, and ideas to maximize the use of their visuals. We will also discuss how to use the space they have in the most effective way, the impact of body language, intonation and expressions, and how to develop a speaking style that is as individual as they are.

This session will give participants the tools they need to feel empowered, confident, and ready to take the stage.