Soft Skills

Developing Your “Soft Skills”: What’s Behind a Handshake and a Smile?

“Soft skills” are personal attributes that enable you to interact effectively with other people. These skills do not require extensive study or a technical knowledge base but they are vital to successful relationships; they include verbal and non-verbal communication skills, attitude, emotional intelligence, and social skills.

Developing your soft skills involves actively thinking about how you engage with others. It also involves intention. How do you want to make people feel? What are you doing with your verbal and nonverbal communication (tone, body language, eye contact, proximity, active listening) that either make people feel safe or encouraged to connect with you or push them away? How are you being intentional in your interactions with others?

In the age of increased automation, our ability to communicate with each other face to face is even more critical to our success. In this presentation you will learn how soft skills can help you be more successful in your relationships by actively connecting with others in more authentic and meaningful ways.

Listen to the Soft Skills Podcast here.