Developing High-Performing Teams in the Workplace

Improving Group Dynamics, Relationships, and Outcomes

Building respectful long-term relationships in the workplace is essential for employees in any role, but it is even more crucial for teams that must rely on each other to successfully and efficiently manage cases and projects. Working in teams can be so rewarding and at the same time, it is often difficult to juggle how to best manage the variety of personalities, leadership styles, and disparate priorities.

In this session we will talk about the skill sets that can help participants level up their own personal leadership so that they can work even more effectively on their team. We will also cover the most common dysfunctions of teams and how to overcome them.

This program weaves together knowledge from the Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Resolution, Dealing with Difficult People training content to show participants how to effectively use dynamic interpersonal skills for improved team communication, conflict resolution, trust, commitment, and accountability.