Compassion Fatigue, Burnout and Stress

Real Life Strategies When Real Life Is Too Much

Individuals in almost any work environment can face demanding interactions as a regular part of their day. When the demands of the job outweigh the emotional reserves a person has available to them, they can suffer from “compassion fatigue" as well as burnout and stress. This can lead to negative consequences within a professional and personal context.

Most people are familiar with stress and live with a certain level of stress in their everyday lives, but what about when the stress becomes toxic and leads to burnout and finally compassion fatigue? All are part of a continuum of feelings, thoughts, and behaviors that can impact how effective and satisfied an employee is in their professional and personal lives.

This practical, not depressing (promise!) program offers tips and techniques to recognize the symptoms of compassion fatigue, burnout and stress and what can be done to help resolve them. The presentation will introduce participants to what realistic, tangible self-care looks like and offers different ways to think about being more resilient, even in demanding situations.