Setting Personal and Professional Boundaries

Balancing Strong Relationships with Effective Limits

As educators we are expected to balance many kinds of relationships including those with students, colleagues, parents, and administrators. In order to have good relationships we need to understand our boundaries and how to use them effectively. Using best practices when it comes to communication, confidentiality, and how we set and keep boundaries both professionally and personally are vital to being successful in the field.

This presentation will help participants identify positive ways they can communicate with both parents and students, how to use confidentiality to earn and keep trust, and situations when you must break that confidentiality.

We will also touch on issues around mandatory reporting, social media, and being alone with students and how you can can be legally aware of your roles and responsibilities.

Lastly, participants will discuss perspectives on being in a “helping" profession and the toll it can take with regard to compassion fatigue, burnout and stress as well as effective ways to combat these issues so that you can get back doing more of what drew you to the profession in the first place.